Welcome to the official North Carolina Interpreters and Transliterators Licensing Board website. Interpreters, transliterators, consumers, and those with a general interest in the field will find information about the process for obtaining a license for interpreting or transliterating in the state of North Carolina. Please note that interpreters and transliterators work only with the deaf and hard of hearing, NOT with language to language interpreting.

Recently the 90-D law that governs the North Carolina Interpreters and Transliterators Licensing Board was ratified. The ratification adopted changes to the law that will not effect current licenses, but will effect people who are now applying for licensure. It is no longer a requirement that an applicant hold a two year degree. Additionally, for cued language interpreters a state level certificate of a three or better will qualify you for full licensure.

If you have previously applied for licensure and were denied, because of the lack of a two year degree you will have to reapply and resubmit a new licensure application.

All of the application paperwork has been updated on the website, and if you have any questions in regard to this change in the law you can contact us via email or phone.

Thank you